Dr. Kim is also performing canaloplasty for patients with glaucoma who need lower intraocular (eye) pressures or who want to reduce their dependence on glaucoma eye drops/medications.
Canaloplasty involves the use of a microcatheter to enlarge your eye’s natural drainage system, similar to angioplasty. Compared to other traditional forms of glaucoma surgery, it is less invasive.

Benefits of Canaloplasty:

  • Sustained reduction in eye pressure
  • Reduced dependence on glaucoma eye drops/medications
  • Potentially restores the eye’s natural drainage system
  • Less invasive with quicker recovery compared to traditional glaucoma surgery
  • Less risk of complications compared to traditional glaucoma surgery
  • How is Canaloplasty done?
  • A small incision is made in the eye
  • The microcatheter is inserted into the eye’s drainage system canal, encircling and enlarging it
  • Improves the drainage of the internal fluid in the eye and reduces eye pressure
  • The microcatheter is removed and a suture is placed in the canal to keep it open

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